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Ford recorded an overall growth of 18.5%. The growth of Ford passenger vehicles, category M1 is 42.2% In the segment of one-ton vans, Ford Custom is the best-selling vehicle in the segment. In the M2 category, Ford has grown by 233.3% and is the leader with a 40.8% market share. With its launch in late autumn, the electric Transit eTransit became the best-selling electric van in Bulgaria. With over 31 cars delivered, eTransit is charting a better and pure electric future of mobility.

The growth in Volvo's performance was 16.4%. The bestseller in our country continues to be the XC90, which last year saw a nearly 50% increase. The Swedish brand is also off to a flying start in electric cars, with them occupying an impressive 13% of total sales. Together with plug-in hybrids, 38% of Volvo's sales in Bulgaria are electrified cars.

Jaguar registered 13.0% growth in sales. Impressive is the electric I-PACE, which marks an increase of over 64% compared to 2021 and already occupies a 30% share of Jaguar's total sales.

The growth in sales of Land Rover is 7.4%. Ordered and undelivered Land Rover cars exceed annual sales for 2022. Bestsellers for the brand in the future are the "Emperor" Range Rover and the newest model of the brand - Range Rover Sport. Until this moment, Moto-Pfohe has registered over 150 orders for both models.

The results of our brands do not represent demand and sales as much as realized deliveries from manufacturers.

In 2022, Moto-Pfohe launched the largest program to reduce its carbon footprint. With an investment of over BGN 1 million, the company installed photovoltaic systems in its largest branches. After opening the system on the territory of the largest automobile complex - the one in Lyulin, the installation was also completed in the newest complex of Volvo and JLR - Moto-Pfohe Airport. Systems are currently being installed in Varna, Plovdiv and Burgas.

With the completion of this own investment, Moto-Pfohe will save over 10,000 tons of carbon emissions over the life cycle of the solar panels, as well as generate sustainable and green energy for its own needs and to power charging stations on the grounds of the complexes.

Last but not least, Moto-Pfohe reported another successful season of the #STENISKANABALA charity initiative. With more than BGN 30,000 collected and dozens of orphan high school graduates supported who will continue their education at a university, all contributors, Bulgarian Red Cross and Moto-Pfohe once again demonstrate their commitment to society.

The entire Moto-Pfohe team, as well as the manufacturers represented by the group, look with optimism and hope to a prosperous 2023.