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Full Service

Full Service


The overall service, or the so-called full service is an operating lease that includes in the monthly lease installment a full range of additional services accompanying the use and driving of the car:

  • Charges, Vignettes, Insurance, Insurance management; 
  • Maintenance, Complete servicing, Service Management;
  • Replacement of summer / winter tires and hotel for them;
  • Replacement car in the event of repairs

Any combinations are possible within the range from OPERATING LEASE to FULL SERVICE.
The range of options is virtually endless and the choice is in your hands.


The full service includes all advantages of the operating lease, and in addition there are some other benefits:

  • You fix your transport costs and attain transparent budgeting;
  • You save money and time;
  • You always have a working car at your disposal whenever you need one;
  • You focus on your main activity;
  • You choose a flexible package for your individual needs and demands – only the services that you really need;
  • The insurance payments, fees, vignettes, and everything that you combine additionally, is a part of the monthly installment – you deduct it from your monthly income and report it as an expense.