New Corporate Identity

Moto-Pfohe is one of the oldest, largest and one of the most respected automotive groups in Bulgaria for over 31 years. The company is an official importer of world brands Ford, Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover. Since its establishment in 1991, Moto-Pfoe has been among the innovators in the industry, developing its own network of dealerships, leasing, insurance, used cars and car rental.

The automotive industry is developing rapidly in the direction of electrification, connectivity and autonomy. All our brands are among the drivers in the industry and an example of innovation in sustainability and responsible behavior, as well as serious steps towards full electrification. As a group, Moto-Pfohe has been increasing its investment in sustainable clean energy solutions in recent years.

The company offers its customers a complete package of services related to mobility thanks to our own dealer network, our own leasing and insurance broker. In addition, we are  among the largest suppliers of new used cars in the country, and operates a rent-a-car under our own brand.

A logical step is to renew the company's corporate identity. The permanent logo, known by practically everyone in Bulgaria since 1991, is the center of the identity. 6 graphic elements have been added to it, which symbolize the main functions: new cars, used cars, rent-a-car, servicing, insurance and leasing.

The company's mission is not just to deliver cars, but to create the best mobility solutions for customers, meeting all their needs, expectations and desires.

"We believe that our renewed corporate identity is a clear sign of the mark left by our proud past, a dynamic present that has made us more adaptable, creative and determined, and a great future that awaits us" - said Masuhiro Oyama, Manager of Moto-Pfohe .